Women’s Health

Throughout the year StoneBridge Women is proud to partner with local

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address women’s spiritual, mental, and even physical health-related issues.

Transforming the Living Legacy of Trauma

Have you experienced Trauma in your life?

Trauma looks different for different people. Sometimes it is easy to identify as in the case of sexual abuse, but other times it doesn’t necessarily look like trauma as in the case of long-term emotional abuse or neglect like in the case of childhood emotional or physical abuse. Often, the damage to a victim’s soul is profound, lingering long after the traumatic event has passed leaving feelings of depression, guilt, shame, anger, inadequacy, and even low self-worth. Have you experienced these feelings, and do you believe they are rooted in your past?

Our Current Study

This 13-week group experience utilizes the “Transforming the Living Legacy of Trauma” by Janina Fisher, Ph.D. If you have experienced trauma in your life, this group will help you understand the effects of trauma with the goal of providing tools for healing and transformation. Through this journey, you will understand why the effects of trauma can seem overwhelming, but together you will learn how healing is possible.

This study is currently full. If you are still interested, you can join our waitlist and be notified if there is an opening.

Session Dates

We will meet on Tuesdays, at 10:00 AM starting January 12th, 2022.

Session Fees

$20 per session with a total fee of $260

Session Leader

Resolve Counseling & EMDR Center, Sabrina Stone, MA, LPC Associate

For More Information…

Please call Sabrina at 832-381-8532 or email at sabrina.resolvecc@gmail.com.