Sponsor a Local Family in Need

MOPS Second Blessings Consignment Sale

Becky Canterbury

Family Life Director



There is a unique opportunity that I wanted to make you aware of. As you probably know, our StoneBridge MOPS group will be hosting Second Blessings, our children’s consignment sale, this week on Friday, March 2nd and Saturday, March 3rd.


What you probably are not aware of is how many of the families we see on Saturday during our half-price sale that rely on things like our consignment sale to clothe their children during the year. It is heartbreaking to see families trying to decide the best way to stretch $20 or $25 to outfit all their children as best as possible. Nothing hits your heart more than seeing a mother put back a $1 pair of shoes for her child because she cannot afford it.


Two years ago, as part of my Family Life budget, I began to distribute “$25 Family Life Ministry Gift Cards” to those whom it was obvious were in need. These cards worked like cash for them when they went up to check out at the MOPS registers.  Last year I invited others to join in, and together we were able to provide over $3,000 in clothes and baby items to these needy families.


I would like to invite you to participate with me in helping these families this year if you feel so led. By clicking on this link you will be able to participate in helping one of these families. Every donation will be given to one of the needy families in the form of $25 Family Life Gift Cards (redeemable only at our Consignment sale). Our trained staff will be on hand that Saturday to spot those who need our assistance.


Thank you for considering helping these families.


Becky Canterbury

Family Life Ministries

StoneBridge Church