Christine Slinkard

Sunday Morning Director

Are you looking for a way to get connected and use your gifts & talents to make a difference?   We have a place for you on one of our Sunday morning volunteer teams!  It takes countless volunteers each weekend to help make StoneBridge a great place to worship.  Not sure where you might fit? Just give an area a try…if it doesn’t work for you, we’ll help you find one that does!

Sunday Guest Services Volunteer Teams include Cafe Team, Parking Team, Greeter Team, Welcome Team, Ushers & Communion. These teams help with one service, one to two weekends a month and training is provided! You’ll have fun getting to know other people while helping our guests and members get connected at SB!

To sign up for any of these areas, simply email Volunteer Coordinator Christine Slinkard

Greeting Team

Our greeting team creates a positive first impression for StoneBridge visitors and members alike. Considering StoneBridge’s mission to be a “come as you are” church, this is a key position for helping attendees feel welcome and set at ease. If you enjoy putting smiles on faces and shaking hands, this might be the spot for you! This is a once-a-month commitment, supporting only one worship service.

(9:10 – 9:45 for the first hour, or 10:45 – 11:15 for the second hour).

Welcome Center Team

 Do you enjoy showing hospitality and making new people feel welcome? Then consider our welcome center team, which creates a warm and inviting first stop for new visitors. Welcome center workers provide first-time attendees with details about StoneBridge classes and programs, distribute CCMD Guides and café passes, and help visitors find their way to age-appropriate classes and childcare. This is a twice-a-month commitment, supporting only one worship service.

(9:10 – 9:45 for the first hour, or 10:45 – 11:15 for the second hour).

Ushering Team

Our ushering team administrates the seating area of our worship services, with multiple tasks involved. Ushers guide visitors to open seating, collect the offering, and address questions or concerns in order to help the service go as smoothly as possible. If you find yourself drawn to opportunities to own an area that requires good responsibility, this may be the station for you. This is a once-a-month commitment, supporting only one worship service and usually lasting for its entire duration. Men and women alike are encouraged to join!

Prayer Team

The Scripture tells us that prayer is both powerful and effective, and we lean on that promise at StoneBridge. Our Prayer team has an invigorating and involving role on Sundays, including prayer-walking our campus at 8:00 before services, gathering for study and fellowship at 8:45, and manning our prayer and communion tables to pray with others after the 9:30 or 11:05 services (we only ask that you support one of the two hours). You don’t have to feel like a spiritual guru to apply — if you’ve got the simple desire to pray and a heart to learn, considering joining our team.

Program Team

Our program team stands at the entrance to the worship hall and distributes message guides once every month, making sure attendees get another smile and a warm hello on their way into service. Program team volunteers also assist ushers with various tasks, and all ages are welcome to contribute! If you’d like to get to know fellow StoneBridge members, this is the spot for you. The program team is a once-a-month commitment, supporting only one worship service. 

(9:10 – 9:45 for the first hour, or 10:45 – 11:15 for the second hour).

StoneShire Greeting Team

Want to serve in our new children’s building? Eager to help new families and their children feel comfortable at the church? Come be the first face a new family would meet as they visit the brand-new Stoneshire, and help plug them into the Sunday School class that’s right for their child. We’re asking for help two Sundays a month, serving either the first and third weekend (A team) or the second and fourth weekend (B) team. First hour volunteers work 9:15 – 9:40; second hour team works from 10:45 – 11:15.

Café Team

There’s something about getting coffee from your favorite barista that can leave a real smile on your face! And the New Grounds Café is looking for friendly smile-givers who can provide guests with scones, kolaches, beverages, and cheer. If you enjoy meeting new people and working in an upbeat environment, and especially if you enjoy chatting up friendly faces and strangers alike, consider joining our team. Café volunteers work once a month, supporting just one worship service (8:45 – 10:40 or 10:40 – 11:40).

Parking Team

Like to hang with the guys? Can you lead and direct people with confidence and humility? Consider one of the most practical and necessary groups in our volunteer roster: the Parking Team. This crew of men directs traffic flow in between services to ensure that all attendees find easy parking on Sunday mornings. If you love serving while spending time with other guys, this is your jam. The parking crew serves one Sunday a month, reporting to the parking area from 10:35 to 11:10.

Masterpiece Ministry

Looking for a great place to minister on Sundays? Masterpiece Ministry may be the perfect place for you. Join other dedicated men and women with a heart to help special-needs kids and their parents.  We currently offer a Sunday Morning shadowing program and will be opening our new self-contained room in just a few short weeks.  Volunteer rotation schedule is similar to that of our Greeter positions.

Media Team

Dynamic media is a major component of our Sunday services, and it’s virtually all done by volunteers. If you’ve ever been interested in operating a camera, working with lighting and sound equipment, or being in the heart of the action on Sundays, we invite you to check us out. We train on the job, so no experience is required. Media members serve one Sunday a month, however, some commitments do require a Saturday rehearsal as well.