Camera Operator

As a camera operator, you get to help enhance the worship experience by bringing the service into the homes of those watching via live stream as well as help engage the members attending in-person.  We have five camera operators needed each Sunday.


Lightboard Operator

As a lightboard operator, your primary job is to transition pre-programmed light scenes as the service progresses.  This is a great position if you enjoy working behind the scenes to create environments that help enhance the worship experience.


Working the teleprompter is a fun position that helps the worship leaders know where they are in a worship song and provide lyrics for the congregation to sing along.  If you like working behind the scenes and enjoy worship music this is a great volunteer position for you!


Our worship band plays both services and rehearse Sunday mornings before the services.  There is an audition process to join the band.  Submit the form below and we will send information on how to audtion.


Our worship team sings both services and rehearses before the services on Sunday mornings.  There is an audition process for vocals so fill out the form and we will contact you with the information on how to audtion.

Ushering Team

Our ushering team administrates the seating area of our worship services, with multiple tasks involved. Ushers guide visitors to open seating, collect the offering, and address questions or concerns in order to help the service go as smoothly as possible. If you find yourself drawn to opportunities in an area that requires good responsibility, this may be the station for you. This is a once-a-month commitment, supporting only one worship service and usually lasting for its entire duration. Men and women alike are encouraged to join!


Café Team

There’s something about getting coffee from your favorite barista that can leave a real smile on your face! The New Grounds Café is looking for friendly smile-givers who can provide guests with scones, kolaches, beverages, and cheer. If you enjoy meeting new people and working in an upbeat environment, and especially if you enjoy chatting up friendly faces and strangers alike, consider joining our team. Café volunteers work once a month, supporting just one worship service (8:45 – 10:40 or 10:40 – 11:40).


Greeting Team

Our greeting team creates a positive first impression for StoneBridge visitors and members alike. Considering StoneBridge’s mission to be a “come as you are” church, this is a key position for helping attendees feel welcome and set at ease. If you enjoy putting smiles on faces and shaking hands, this might be the spot for you! This is a once-a-month commitment, supporting only one worship service.

(9:10 – 9:45 for the first hour, or 10:45 – 11:15 for the second hour).


Welcome Team

Our welcome team helps welcome new families to StoneBridge. In the guest services our volunteers help check in a family and then guide them to the correct checkin areas for each of their family members! Coming to a new church can be intimating and the welcome team is vital in making ever first time guest feel right at home!  This is a once-a-month commitment, supporting only one worship service.

(9:10 – 9:45 for the first hour, or 10:45 – 11:15 for the second hour).


Check any teams you are interested in.

Greeters / Check-in (PreK - 4th Grade)

Our greeting team helps welcome families and their kids to the Stoneshire.  They are responsible for checking in the kids and showing them to the right classrooms. This is a twice-a-month commitment, supporting only one worship service.


Classroom Teachers (Prek - 4th Grade)

Our classroom teachers help take the message of the main group time and make it applicable to the specific grades. The lessons and games are all planned and prepare ahead of time. No additional prep time is needed for our teachers.  This is a twice-a-month commitment serving just one service time.


Group Leaders (5th and 6th Grade)

Group leaders in the middle school ministry are a vital part of Sunday morning for our 5th and 6th graders.  Are the main lesson and games, the small group time helps the students unpack the message and talk through how they can apply it to their week.  This is a once-a-month commitment supporting one servic time with the occasional twice-a-month need.


Masterpiece Ministry (Special Needs Class)

Masterpiece ministry gives parents of special needs children the ability to worship while their kids participate in ability-specific groups where the curriculum is sensory-driven and is modified from the Children’s Ministry lesson taught that day. Volunteers assist our teachesr by hang out with the kids and help with various activities.


We take extra precautions to ensure the safety of the kids in our care so every volunteer in Family Life goes through our Ministry Safe program.  After we receive your submission, we will contact you with available volunteer positions and the next steps to getting you plugged in.

Check any teams you are interested in.

Jr. High Sunday Morning Group Leaders

Group leaders in the Jr. High Sunday Service help the 7th and 8th grade student unpack what was talked about in the main message.  It’s a great chance for each grade to grow stronger friendships with their peers and the group leaders are vital for that to happen!  This is a twice a month commitment at the 11:05am service hour. 


Check any teams you are interested in.

Christine Slinkard

Sunday Morning Director


Are you looking for a way to get connected and use your gifts & talents to make a difference?   We have a place for you on one of our Sunday morning volunteer teams!  It takes countless volunteers each weekend to help make StoneBridge a great place to worship.  Not sure where you might fit? Just give an area a try…if it doesn’t work for you, we’ll help you find one that does!

Sunday Guest Services Volunteer Teams include Cafe Team, Greeter Team, Welcome Team, Ushers & Communion. These teams help with one service, one to two weekends a month, and training is provided! You’ll have fun getting to know other people while helping our guests and members get connected at SB!

To sign up for any of these areas, simply email Christine Slinkard.