Toolbox Parenting Workshop

Brian Dunn

Small Group Pastor

Toolbox Parenting Workshop 
November 17th from 4:30-6:00PM Room 210

Come join us for an afternoon workshop where Peter Valles will coach us on how to be more intentional with our kids.  In this ‘hands on’ workshop, you will begin to create a ‘toolbox’ for your kids that you can fill over the years with hand-written letters, nostalgic items, tools, etc.  This will be a gift to give to your child when graduating high school mark in a powerful way this milestone in their life.

The ‘Toolbox’ Workshop for Parents

As parents, our goal is to raise kids and then successfully launch them into adulthood.  Without any intentionality this moment can hit us and be gone.  Peter Valles has created a tradition that he has used with his daughters called the ‘Toolbox.’  The toolbox is a collection of practical and nostaligic items that marks this season of transition in a powerful way.  On the practical side, it’s a fun way to put things like a measuring tape, tire pressure gauge, etc and use those items to talk through the idea of being prepared to live on your own.  On the nostalgic side, it’s a way to remind your child of the memories and investment you’ve made in them through pictures, mementos, and hand-written letters.  Peter’s daughters have been blown away by this gift and it’s really created quite an impact on them. 

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