Thanks for your Interest in Volunteering.

Below you will find a list of the various areas we utilize volunteers during Ultimate Summer Challenge.

There are a couple of things you need to know before you commit to volunteering.  First, for most Volunteers, Camp starts on Monday, June 13th, the day before our actual camp starts (unless you are on the Prep or Finale Celebration Teams. Monday is when we will train and set up your volunteer area. Every volunteer is expected to be there.  This allows us all to get on the same page and become familiar with our various responsibilities, meet everyone we will be working with, as well as set up the campus for camp beginning the next morning. Monday’s training will begin at 1pm in the gym. Second, all volunteers are expected to be checked in and seated in the gym by 8:00 am each and every day of camp and will be done by 12:30 pm. This allows us to pass on any changes, or other announcements, to you before our campers arrive.  We also partake in a quick devotional, an encouraging word, and prayer before receiving our guests. Also, Camp Volunteers will receive a Camp T-Shirt to be worn each day.

Please note: We do provide childcare for kids who are not old enough to attend camp or volunteer at camp.

As part of our training, every adult volunteer will be asked to watch a ministry safe video, to ensure our camp is safe for our campers. You will also receive a brief training on our related safety procedures and policies on our training day. You can watch the Ministry Safe video online at your convenience or stay at the end of our training day to watch it on our campus late Monday.

Ultimate Summer Challenge is $30 for all campers.

SCOUTS (Admissions)

When a camper arrives late, someone has to make sure we know they are here and have gotten to where they need to be.  Then, when break time comes and campers head back into the gym, this Team jumps into gear to make sure every team knows where to go when they arrive for the drama. Later, when camp comes to a close each day, it is important we know every child has been picked up by their parent or an authorized adult.  This Team makes sure that happens.  They bar the doors and man the buildings and no one gets in or out unless they say so. If greeting others is something you enjoy, this Team would be great for you. (Open to Adults)


With approx 400 campers and 200 volunteers headed to Ultimate Summer Challenge, it takes a lot of behind the scenes work to get everything ready before anyone ever arrives.  This team works for several weeks before camp helping to get everything from banners to paperwork ready to go and organized.  If you have some free time, especially in May or the week before Camp, this Team would be a great choice for you. (Open to Adults)


Let’s face it, some of us are still kids at heart. We love a good challenge, whether it’s on the field or just some friendly competition over game night. If this is you, you will love being a Challenge Host or Co-Host.  You will oversee teams as they arrive in your area each day to meet the challenge you set before them.  (Open to Adults)


Many of our volunteers have preschoolers who are not old enough to attend the camp so we offer childcare for these young children. If spending time with 3 to 5-year-olds sounds fun to you then this is your team! (Open to Women)


Everyday 400 campers and 50 youth volunteers need a break.  This team has prepped each days drink and snack, organized them into the various rooms, and then welcomes the campers as they arrive.  During the campers much needed break, one of the Concession Stand team members reiterates what they are learning that day, and encourages our Tribal Leader (youth) to continue the discussion using questions provided.  After all the campers have left, they work together to begin prep for the next day.  If sorting, chopping, bagging and distributing while visiting with friends sounds good to you, this Team would be great for you. (Open to Adults)


During camp Challenge Hosts and other adult volunteers arrive to take a break.  This Team provides a great assortment of food each day from Fruit Pops to home-made goodies. If making something delicious to eat or providing a reprieve for others working in the hot sun is something that appeals to you, this Team would be a good fit. (Open to Adults)

Grounds Crew (Set Up)

On Sunday, June 12th, from 12:30pm until 2:30pm, this team will transform our campus into Ultimate Summer Challenge.  Challenge Stations are sectioned off, equipment and supplies are pulled and the stage and gym are transformed.  Light lifting and a lot of walking is required. This is a great Team for fathers and older sons as well as moms and their daughters, especially if you are unable to help during the week. (Open to Adults and Youth)

Grounds Crew (Take Down)

Many hands make light work.  Just like many hands are needed to set up Ultimate Summer Challenge, many hands are needed to take it down.  And given the Family Award Party takes place on the sports field, Thursday Night after Camp, it is even more essential we get camp broke down and put up.  This team is anyone and everyone who can help after noon on Thursday the last day of camp. So if you can’t help all week, but you could pitch in for a few hours, and manual labor is not a problem for you, then this Team would be perfect for you. (Open to Adults and Youth)


All our campers, Youth Leaders, Host and Co-Hosts will tell you, water on hand is not an option, it is a must.  This team makes sure every challenge area has plenty of cold water during camp.  They are constantly riding the campus grounds, checking water coolers and refilling empty ones. If manual labor does not scare you away, this Team could sure use your muscles. (Open to Men)


When nature calls, our campers are escorted into one of our buildings for relief.  If someone has to leave their challenge session to chaperone the camper, this means 5 remaining campers are without their youth Team Leaders or a Co-Host.  This is where our Coconut Grove Team comes in, they receive children on their way to the restroom in the various buildings and then escort them back to their challenge area.  If staying relatively cool this summer is for you, and you want to get your steps in, then this Team is for you. (Open to Women)


With over 600 people on site all morning and involved in physical activities, accidents are bound to happen.  This team has the medical experience and supplies on hand to cope with small emergencies.  They organize camper’s medical release forms and emergency contact numbers so they are readily available as well.  So if you are a trained emergency responder or in the medical field, this Team may be perfect for you. (Open to Adults)

Parking Lot Attendant

When all our campers descend on our campus, parking can be a nightmare and a cause for despair.  But not with this team in action, whether coming or going, at the start of camp or at the end, they have thought through the best traffic patterns and help make sure everyone gets in and out without too much hassle.  If you like to help people, don’t mind walking some and being outside for a short period of time, this would be a great Team for you. (Open to Adults)


Everyday campers begin their day in the gym.  There they are pumped up and ready to enjoy a full day of activities. Then during their tribal break, they rotate into the gym again for a spot on video that helps demonstrate the Biblical point we are making with the campers each day.  This team makes sure the stage is set, the video plays, every word is heard through our mics by our em-cees, and every face is seen by our cameras. Then at the close of the day, campers return to the gym for one final hoo-rah as they are sent on their way.  If making sure behind the scenes everything is set and ready, you will love being on this Team. (Open to Adults or Youth)


With so many memories being made during camp, this team ensures we capture some of the best moments. Every challenge and every activity is documented. This team not only takes the photos but then uploads them onto our web-pages and inserts them into our daily newspaper. So if photography is your thing, this team may be the best fit for you.  (Open to Adults and Youth)


Do you enjoy getting to see it. Not feeling like you missed out on something others got to see or experience. Then be an Ambassador.  Ambassadors see every challenge, see what happens in our tribal ceremony and the tribal showdown.  All while making sure our campers get from point A to point B. If this sounds like something you would enjoy, volunteer to be an Ambassador. (Open to Adults)


We will be selling Ultimate Summer Challenge Apparel and other Memorabilia for campers to take home.  This team makes sure all pre-purchased items are ready for pick-up by the campers on the first day.  They also set up and man the Trading Post each day and during the Finale Celebration.  If displaying merchandise or shopping is your thing, you will love being on the Trading Post Team. (Open to Adults)


One of the biggest keys to our success is the Youth Tribal Leaders.  To ensure that every camper has a great time, Tribal Leaders are essential.  All campers are broken into groups of 6-8 and assigned a Tribe for the week. These Tribal Leaders are the role models and the encouragers for the campers.  When a Tribal Leader knows their campers names and affirms them, the camper’s entire demeanor can change.  No one at camp has the ability to impact a camper more than the Tribal Leader.  Not only that, the Youth that volunteer realize the influence they possess and for many it is life changing and affirming. If you are a junior high or high school student as of the fall of 2022, we would love for you to consider joining this Team and being a Tribal Leader. (Open to Youth 7th-12th grade)


Like any well oiled machine, if you don’t stay on track you get off course. This team’s job is to make sure that does not happen during camp. They know what time it is and they know where everyone is supposed to be.  Not only that, they make sure everyone is where they are suppose to be. So when it is time to rotate, no one is left guessing as this Team signals every rotation made by campers throughout the day and checks them at the door, to make sure no one is headed in the wrong direction.  When campers arrive back at the gym at the end of the day. This team helps get the next day’s information into the Youth Tribal Leader Bags and Challenge Host bins, so that in the morning we are ready to go again. If you are not afraid of using a whistle or air-horn this team may be just the right fit for you. (Open to Adults)

Finale Celebration

When camp is over, we invite the campers to bring their parents and other siblings out to celebrate with us on Thursday Night, June 16th, from 5:30 to 8:30 pm.  Now, one thing we know how to do is throw a good party and that is exactly what this team helps with.  As you know, nothing says a good party like good music and good food and we have both. Members of this team, don’t have to do any cooking as our food trucks will take care of that, they just have to be willing to wipe down a table, and take out the trash. They also help hand out awards and coordinate the many baptisms that take place on stage during the celebration. But most importantly, they love to smile and have a good time as they chat it up with family and friends, so if that’s you, we would love for you to join this Team. (Open to Adults or Youth)