Activity Creation and Webform Training Videos

Create a ministry activity and attach it to your webform.  Each has a different way of setting up schedules and how to update the webform, so choose wisely:

1.  I have a one time event, what do I do? (VIDEO)


2.  I have a seasonal activity, what do I do?  (VIDEO)
Member pays 1 fee to attend multiple times.  You may or may not desire to take attendance.  Examples: MDO, Softball, Enrichment Classes.  


3.  I have a repeating activity, what do I do? (VIDEO)
Member pays for each time they attend independently.  Attendance is never needed, you just want to know who registered.  Examples: Date Night, Faith at Work, Next Step, Small Group ChildCare


I created my activity and webform already, I just need to change the schedule.  How do I do that again? (VIDEO)




How do I view who has registered for my event, change their answers, remove their registration and email them quickly? (VIDEO)


How do I run reports on people who have registered for my event? (VIDEO)


I want to take attendance for the seasonal activity and registration I created. (VIDEO)
How to create a group and move registrants from a roster (created in registration) to a group for attendance.

“Uh oh” Videos:

WAIT! I’m desperate, I must email them now!  I don’t have time to create the activity today and do all that.  Is there ANYTHING I can do?  Yes, there is.  But you must promise that after I give you this way to email your people, that you will go back tomorrow and create the activity properly so you can maintain your registration with as little maintenance on your part as possible. OK, now that you have promised, you may watch this video (VIDEO).


Oh NO! I created a registration and didn’t create an activity, what do I do now? Just cry, because you choose…poorly… just kidding, but you will need to go ahead and watch an above video, create your activity as above in video 1, 2, or 3 and then watch this video posted here (VIDEO) to show you how to create a mass assignment to move the people already registered into your activity.


How to create a webform:


I need to register people for an activity and take money from people, what do I do? (VIDEO)
I need to register people for an activity that does NOT need to be paid for, what do I do? YOU STILL NEED TO SET UP AN ACTIVITY ABOVE!  For administrative purposes of the church, to know how people came into our system from, SIMPLE registrations MUST STILL REQUIRE ACTIVITY SET UP.  If you do NOT do this… Nancy has to manually search every form when new people appear.  Help Nancy…create an activity! But for now, you may create this webform first (VIDEO)