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Our Fall Small Group Leader Meeting will be held Sunday, August 25th from 12:30pm – 2:00pm. Lunch and childcare are provided.

This meeting is open to all leaders and co-leaders. Please register as soon as possible so we know how much food to order.

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Registration is now open for the Fall Small Group Leadership Class led by Bob & Norma Koenig. While this class is mandatory for all new leaders, existing leaders are highly encouraged to attend as well.

This 6-week class will help you become a more effective shepherd leader and give you the tools to help guide your group members in their spiritual growth and towards a real, healthy, growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

AM Class – 09/08, 09/15, 09/22, 09/29, 10/06 & 10/13  
PM Class – 09/08, 09/22, 09/29, 10/06, 10/13 & 10/27
Special 2-Day Workshop – 11/3 & 11/10

Space is limited to 10 people per class. Registration is required.

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People find Small Groups through our online group finder.

Leaders of groups accepting new members (open groups) need watch their email and respond to new member (prospect) questions and/or requests by sending them an invitation to join your group.

Leaders need to follow up by phone with anyone who has been sent an invitation, but has not accepted and joined the group. Make sure the invitation is not in their junk email folder. Prospects must accept the invitation to be in your group and show up on your roster.

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Fall 2019 Leader Meeting:

Sunday, August 25th

Fall 2019 Semester:

September 8th – December 7th

New Leader and Host Training:

December 8th

Spring 2020 Leader Meeting:

January 26th

Spring 2020 Semester:

February 9th – May 23rd

A Best Practice is defined as a procedure that has
been shown to produce optimal results and that is established or proposed as a standard suitable for widespread adoption.

Our goal is for this section to be filled with the best
practices that our leaders have discussed during our
Small Group Huddles.

3 Questions that Lead to Deeper Discussions

Sharing Facilitation Responsibilities

Fall 2019 Info

Fall Semester: Sept 8th – Dec 8th

Church Childcare Dates:

Wednesday Groups – 09/11, 09/25, 10/09,  10/23, 11/06, 11/20, 12/04

Sunday Groups – 09/08, 09/22, 10/06, 10/20, 11/03, 11/17, 12/08

* No childcare available 12/01 *

Church childcare is available to groups through an application process. The application is available in the Forms section below.

The following links are for groups who are already registered.

Sunday Groups Click Here

Wednesday Groups Click Here

Wednesday Groups

Bramlett – Room 210
Cohn – Room 207

Sunday Groups

Cromer – GAP
Harlow – Room 209
French – Room 208

All small group leaders receive an attendance email after each meeting. You can easily note if your group met and who was at each meeting directly from this email.

Please note anything you written in the attendance “comments” section only shows up on reports.

The Christmas Season is a wonderful opportunity to engage with our neighbors and we encourage all our small groups to host a Christmas Block Party and share the love of Christ with those around us.

Click HERE to hear from Bennett and Jenny Cromer about their experience hosting a block party.

Click HERE for more information.

You have free access to a huge, online, access-on-any-device library of thousands of small group video studies on topics such as relationships, bible basics, discipleship, missions, faith at work and more.

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During the Fall semester each individual group decides which study they want to do.

We know choosing a new study can sometimes be challenging, so we’ve created a list of recommended studies.

Click or tap the plus sign of the category your group is interested in and then click or tap on the photo of the study to go directly to the study on RightNow Media.











Leader Toolbox

Icebreaker questions are simply great questions you can ask to help people get to know each other better. These questions are fun and non-threatening.

CLICK HERE for a list of questions to choose from.

Check out our in house DVD Bible Study Resource Library whenever your group is looking for a new study.  We have a variety of studies ranging from 3-14 sessions in length.

CLICK HERE for a list of available studies.

The best way for everyone, in all areas of ministry, to know the spiritual health & growth of our members is by their involvement in groups and activities, so keeping an accurate account of who is in your group and attending your meetings is vital!

Check out the following videos:

Updating your group roster
Taking attendance online
Taking attendance via email

If you are not receiving attendance emails, need any changes made to your roster or meeting schedule, need help choosing a new study or just have a general question, please call or email Christy Herrington or
Brian Dunn. 

We’re here to help!


Christmas and Easter are great opportunities for small groups to engage with our neighbors!

Both of these opportunities are wonderful and fun ways for our groups to share Christ’s love with those around us!

During Christmas, we strongly encourage groups to host a neighborhood block party designed to create some Christmas cheer in the neighborhood and provide a casual way to get to know their neighbors. The church has chairs, equipment, and other supplies in order to assist any group in providing a great party!

Click HERE for more info or to host a 2019 Block Party.

On the Saturday evening of Easter Weekend, small groups come together to run carnival games and crafts at our In the Woods event.  Having these groups out there ensures we do a good job of hosting all the visitors who are checking out our church and checking out Christianity, maybe for the first time.

Click HERE to participate in 2020

Mission and Service Opportunities

Welcome to the online version of our Missions Guide where you will find information on local and international mission partners.

We encourage all Small Groups to become familiar with the various local mission partners and find out how you and your group can get involved.

Group Studies

RightNow Media gives small group leaders hundreds of online studies to choose from.

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Check out our in house DVD Bible Study Resource Library whenever your group is looking for a new study.  We have a variety of studies ranging from 3-14 sessions in length.

CLICK HERE for a list of available studies.

Find A Group Leader Guide