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Small Group Church Childcare Registration



Step 1 – Child Profile Form (One-Time Form)

Every family is required to fill out a profile form for each child in childcare.

This is a one-time form that gives information about allergies, special accommodations, etc.

If there are any changes, a new form will need to be filled out for that particular child.


Step 2 – Weekly Childcare Registration and Payment



For the Fall 2018 semester, childcare will be offered at the church beginning on Sunday, September 9th.

Families are required to register and pay for each meeting they need childcare.  The cost is $8/child/night with a $24/night family max.

If you are registering four children, use the 4KIDS Promo Code to receive the family max discount.

If you need to register more than 4 children, please contact Christy Herrington.


REGISTRATION DEADLINE: The deadline to register is the WEDNESDAY BEFORE the meeting.

HOW TO REGISTER: Click on your meeting date in the calendar below and select the registration link from the window that pops up.

HOW TO CANCEL A REGISTRATION: If possible, we request a 24-hour notice for cancellations. Please email Sherri Haney by clicking the button below.

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Click here to register for childcare.
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