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Disc Golf

 Course Manager – David Wittenmyer 

Associate Pastor – Brian Dunn


From 1488: Exit 1488 from I-45 and drive a few miles down past 242 and HEB. The StoneBridge Gate will be on your left immediately after Old Conroe Road. If you come in this way, you’re on the course! Parking and the first teebox to your left, just past the lake and the open field.

From Research Forest: Drive west on Research Forest; StoneBridge will be on your right shortly before Branch Crossing. Drive onto the property, past The Bridge and the main building, and continue down the road on the west side of the campus. You’ll see the Course Sign to your right.

Course access and use:

1.       If you play during StoneBridge business hours (Monday – Friday 9 AM to 5 PM), you must sign in at the front desk.  You will receive a tag and if you cannot produce a tag when asked by StoneBridge staff, you will be asked to sign in or leave the course.

2.       The course is open on off- hours and weekends when the gates on FM 1488 entrance are open. Otherwise we are closed for play.

3.       The course is available for tournaments and scheduled use by groups. Please contact David Wittenmyer for availability.

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Course Conduct Rules   

1.       No alcohol is allowed on the disc golf course. If you are caught you will be asked to leave. Repeat offenders will be banned from course use

2.       StoneBridge will monitor the course with staff members. Any rude or confrontational response to StoneBridge staff is grounds for being banned from course use.

3.       Do not drop your trash on the course. Please help us keep the course clean by disposing of trash in the barrels located around the course.

4.       No vehicles are allowed on the course except in the designated parking area.

5.       No swimming or entry into the pond for disc retrieval is allowed. You can drag for your disk but do not go into the pond.

Course Play Rules

1.       Any disc in the paved roadway is OB and receives a penalty stroke with drop at the point of entry.

2.       Any disc over the fence into the cow pasture on Holes 5 and 8 are OB and receive a penalty stroke and drop at point of entry.  The pasture is private property, and you trespass at your own risk. Do not stand or step on the fence in any case.

3.       Hole 7 is a Mando hole. Disc not passing between the mando must be dropped by the tree on the side missed with one penalty stroke.