Pre-K to Kindergarten

Pre-K to Kindergarten

Kim Young

Preschool Director

Kim Young

Preschool Director

Our goal is simple: We want our children to love God, love His son Jesus, and love His Word.  Each week is designed to introduce young children to God’s basic character, His divine attributes, and His plan for mankind. This is accomplished by focusing on the main characters in the 12 Eras of the Bible and presenting them chronologically. We have structured our teaching environments to help foster a basic understanding of the Bible as a whole and to answer these basic questions:

Who is God?

What does He tell us about Himself?

What is His plan?

How do we fit into His plan?

Children are encouraged to believe in God, to know God, to know that God can do what He says He can do, that He is who He says He is, and that we are who He says we are. Since our culture is ever-changing, our dedicated staff is always re-evaluating our teaching methods to ensure we are doing our best to help parents provide a great biblical foundation upon which to build their child’s spiritual journey.

Weekly Mission Giving Back

Children are encouraged to bring an offering each week to benefit the Tamina Community Center.  The Community Center provides before-and-after-school care, hot meals, tutoring, and basic needs for children in our area.  Tamina is a neighborhood across  I-45, north of Oak Ridge.

Sunday Mornings:

Sunday morning classes are at 11:05am.

We encourage all children at this age to attend service at 9:30am with their family and then attend class at 11:05am.

Curious about what we teach and why? Watch this video: 

Playdates: Families of preschoolers are invited to play in our awesome Stoneshire Meadow!  Click above for specific dates and information.

Baptisms:  At StoneBridge, we believe in a Believer’s Baptism, which means that a child must be old enough to make a decision to follow Christ.  We also believe that parents are the best determiners of a child’s heart to follow Christ.  Parents are encouraged to grab a “Leading Your Child to Christ” booklet located in any of our children’s kiosks or in Guest Services or download it here.  Go through the booklet on your own, then schedule a time to walk through the material with your child.  Once you are confident your child has a basic understanding of God’s plan for them and you believe they are ready for baptism, sign and date the page at the end of the booklet. Then turn in the page to our Preschool Minister, who will contact you to schedule your child’s baptism.

Summer Camps:  Summer is just around the corner and we’ve got lots of camps and fun events planned throughout the season!