Land For Latvia

*For over nine years, StoneBridge Church has been partnering with Latvian pastor Petr Samolyich, supporting his church and ministries in Latvia’s capital city of Riga. He’s an enterprising minister with incredible results.  Through his teacher’s conferences, he is reaching both adults and children by putting Bibles in the hands of public school children and their families.  In addition to being a fine pastor and missionary, Petr is also an accomplished church planter, having overseen two successful plants over the year.  

*Recently Petr visited us and shared his vision of a new church plant in Vecmilgravis, just north of Riga.  Vecmilgravis is predominantly blue collar and Russian-speaking, with approximately 50,000 people living in the area, and no evangelical churches providing the hope of the gospel.  For the past two years, Petr’s been ministering in Vecmilgravis with VBS and Christmas programs, inviting teams to come, and laying groundwork. Under the leading of the Holy Spirit, Petr believes that now is the time to plant a church.

*Petr’s vision is to develop a piece of land strategically located across the street from literally thousands of residents living in Soviet-style housing.  The land is located on the main street to enter Vecmilgravis.  It’s less than 300 meters from the city center and even has a bus stop!

*The land costs $320,000.  However, when Petr met with the owner and shared his heart for a combined church and community center for youth, the owner agreed to reduce the price on the land to $192,000… even though he was not a Christian.

To give to Petr, click the button to the left. A new tab will open with the option to log in to your Fellowship One account. Select “Give Now” from the options on the right column. You’ll go to the Giving page; on the left drop-down menu, select “2-Missions,” and on the right drop-down, select “Land for Latvia” and enter your amount.

*Petr believes– and we agree with him– that God is preparing this land for His Kingdom in Vecmilgravis.  And we’re not alone- we’re aligning with West University Baptist here in Houston to provide the funding for the land.  Because this option to purchase is time-sensitive and Petr must raise the funds by May 5th, StoneBridge has agreed to commit $50,000 to the fund to purchase the land.  This commitment, along with matching donations from other churches, will assure Petr can make the purchase before his option expires.  

*Please consider a gift to our “Land for Latvia” initiative that will help Petr see his vision for God’s kingdom become a reality for the people of Vecmilgravis. 

*In Petr’s words,

“Dear friends, please pray for this project… that God can provide not only to purchase the land, but [also to] build the church or a Christian center for Vecmilgravis, where we can preach the gospel and organize big Sunday schools for kids and parents, youth ministry, a soup kitchen,  and many more ministers for the Lord.”