Food Pantry

Level 5

Food Pantry, Ministry Safe Level 5, Volunteer Requirements

At StoneBridge Church we do not accept open applications for volunteers with any ministries that work with babies through youth. We hand pick and ask our volunteers to participate in our ministries. Do NOT complete the volunteer requirements if you have not been asked by your Ministry Director to do so.

Thank you for being willing to volunteer with StoneBridge Church in the Food Pantry Ministry. Please complete the following two steps to fulfill our requirements to be a volunteer at StoneBridge Church.


Step 1:

Please click the following link to watch the hour video provided by Ministry Safe that provides training to help our volunteers provide a safer environment for our children. At the end of this video will be a quiz that you must take and pass.

Once you are registered, select “My Trainings” on the left side of the page and select the “Watch Training” under the video.

Step 2:

When you register in the link in step 5, you will receive a separate email from the Stonebridge Church Ministry Safe System containing a link to complete a background check. This background check does not check any financial records, only criminal records. You have 7 days to complete the background check from when you receive the email before it expires. If your link expires, please contact your Ministry Director for a new link to be sent to you. You have a right to view your background check, contact your ministry director for more information.