Ministry Safe

This badge indicates that StoneBridge has taken proactive steps to train our staff members and volunteers to address the risk of child sexual abuse in ministry programming. 

In addition to training, MinistrySafe has helped us implement the 4-Part Safety System, creating overlapping layers of protection to protect children and those who serve them.

Ensuring the safest environment possible for your family.


Our church provides a Ministry Safe environment for children, students, and adults. The following is an outline of the Safety System that is currently in place at StoneBridge Church.  All staff members and volunteers regularly working or volunteering in any ongoing or regularly occurring children’s activities complete FOUR SAFETY STEPS as a volunteer or staff within any of our ministries. These steps include:

Screening Process which includes participation at StoneBridge Church for a minimum of 6 months, a thorough application, references, and an interview.

Background Check of each individual with a progressive degree of intensity for staff and volunteers based on the level of responsibility and authority given in each ministry role.

Sexual Abuse Awareness Training to alert volunteers to basic characteristics of sexual abusers and their behaviors.

Policies & Procedures are provided to each staff member and volunteer to ensure they are familiar with the parameters set for their ministry area and they have agreed to follow those parameters when participating in the ministry of StoneBridge Church.

Every ministry of StoneBridge Church that interacts with children under the age of 18 is required by StoneBridge Church to have policies and procedures in place that adhere to the overall Safety System. Each area is further required to have in place Documented Monitoring Systems whereby designated staff members are required to oversee each ministry area on a regular and ongoing basis.

StoneBridge Church has an active and ongoing Safety Committee which regularly meets to review current policies and procedures. They are also responsible for overseeing compliance of all safety procedures by all ministries within StoneBridge Church as well as safety protocols that extend beyond the parameters of our church facility. They also oversee the protocols that are in place to ensure child and volunteer safety for outside organizations that use our facilities.

StoneBridge Church has a ZERO Tolerance Policy for abuse. Any abuse, suspicion of abuse, or neglect made known to any volunteer or staff member will be reported to authorities in accordance with the laws in the State of Texas. Any individual who fails to report any abuse, suspicion of abuse, or neglect will be removed or terminated from their volunteer or staff position.