Men’s Ministry

Josh Bramlett

Men’s Ministry/Young Adults Pastor

Josh Bramlett

Men’s Ministry/Young Adults Pastor

We believe that when we look in the bible we see men contributing to our world in 3 major ways: Cultivating, Culture building, and Connecting. We see men finding significance through work, family, serving others, and building relationships with each other. All of this has deep ties to worship and their relationship with God. God gives men these desires.

At Stonebridge, we want to help men find their place, and help grow men into the things they are innately called to. We want to provide a place and opportunities for men to cultivate and create things around them, build a culture of character and leadership, and connect with other men with similar paths.





STARTING April 26th

During this crazy time, we want to invite you to a 18 day challenge. We are asking all the Men of StoneBridge to read a section of scripture ( 1 Corinthians and a Psalm or Proverbs) each day for 21 days. We have broken the 18 days into 3 sections, and invite you to an optional video chat discussion about what we have read at the end of each week. Feel free to read at your own pace, and jump in whenever you want. 


7:00pm to 8:30pm

Open Gyms are free basketball nights hosted by the Men’s ministry in the main gym at the church. No registration required, just show up!

Upcoming Dates:

 July 10th, August 7th and September 4th


Friday Mornings – 6:00am in Room 110
Saturday Mornings – 7:00am in upstairs lounge
Tuesday Nights – 7:00pm in Room 203