Ole Country Volunteers


Ole Country is a great opportunity for families to come and work together while having a great time.  We encourage our church families to pick a one hour shift to work and plan to play the other two hours.  For those whose schedule is a little more flexible, please consider our set-up or take down teams.


Ole Country rolls into town on Saturday morning at 9:00 am.  Hay Bales are set out, tents are popped up, tables and chairs are set in place, games are laid out, candy and prizes are distributed, lights are hung, fire pit is prepared, sound system is installed and music is cranked up.  With a master layout in hand and everything packed and ready to go, Ole Country is usually ready to go between 11:30 and noon.  Just in time for the faithful set up time to get some rest and relaxation, catch a football game on TV, then head back up that evening for a ton of fun at Ole Country.  If old fashion hard work where you get your hands a little dirty is more to your liking you will love being on the set up team. Older kids with parents, teens and adults can volunteer to be a Set Up Volunteer.


When we open the doors and the party gets started we offer a host of family games to enjoy.  Some are based on skill, like the ring toss, and some are based on chance like our lollipop tree.  Each game requires a few volunteers who don’t mind learning the rules so they can oversee those who want to play. The Game Volunteers also have a blast rewarding the winners with various prizes.  Volunteers for all games are required to oversee any resetting of game pieces and starting and stopping each round of play, awarding of prizes and the last shift also tears down their booth as part of take down.  Three, one hour shifts are available to work in games at 5, 6 or 7pm.  Older children with parents, teens or adults can volunteer to be a Game Volunteer.


From the moment someone arrives at Ole Country until they leave, they will find themselves engaged with one of our many booth volunteers.  Starting with Check In, our booth volunteers take money at the door, make change for our visitors and place our fancy Ole Country stamp on every visitor’s hand. Other booth volunteers can be found at Smore’s and More, passing out graham crackers or keeping cups on the table for hot apple cider.  Under the big tent they can be found busing tables. Booth volunteers never know who they will meet, but they meet plenty of folk all night long. Some enjoy talking a lot, others only a little, as there is always a place for both kinds of folks who volunteer to work our booths.  Booth are mostly comprised of things that do not involve the playing of a game and no prizes are awarded and consist mostly of our support and service areas. Three, one hour shifts are available to work in games at 5, 6 or 7pm and the last shift also tears down their booth as part of take down. Booth volunteers are open to adults of any age.


As the night comes to a close, we are always so thankful for the many who stay to lend a hand. Our last shift quickly packs up their supplies in the tubs that have been labeled and placed in their areas.  All tubs are either taken immediately to storage or brought to the Big Top where our volunteer Take Down Team is busy working to fold and stack all the chairs and tables.  A small group of volunteers are sent to return tables to the Bridge while others begin to load tubs in the van where they are taken to our storage building and packed safely away.  Within an hour or so, everything has come down, items have been safely returned to their homes and big hugs are given for a job well done.  Take Down volunteers more than any other, experience the joy of knowing a job was well done and a comradery that only comes from working together.  Children with parents, teens or adults can volunteer to be a Take Down Volunteer.