DIS.IN.FX Certified

We take great care in keeping our children’s areas clean and disinfected.  Besides our daily in-house cleaning and weekly commercial cleaning, we have DIS.IN.FX, a professional disinfecting company, come in once a month and disinfect and treat all the bathrooms, nursery areas, StoneShire play area, and children’s classrooms.  Below are more details in their process to treat, test, and certify all our children’s areas.     


The DIS.IN.FX® Treatment Process combines fogging/spraying/misting technologies that treat facilities with a proprietary blend of high-powered disinfectants, cleaners, and RAZOR Antimicrobial Coating™.

The DIS.IN.FX® Treatment Process ensures that all areas of the facility are Disinfected, Antimicrobial-Coated, and Germ Expert Certified™!

The DIS.IN.FX® products are water-based with non-leaching technology.

The DIS.IN.FX® Treatment Process is proven to kill 99.99% of harmful microbes and inhibit microbial growth reducing cross-contamination.


DIS.IN.FX® utilizes ATP testing as a tool to detect the presence of microbial existence on surfaces. ATP Testing provides a real-time ‘count’ of microbes on the surfaces in a facility, quickly and easily identifying the cleanliness of surfaces. By identifying “hot spots” or areas of concern we can confirm the effectiveness of the disinfection program being implemented at the facility.


Once a facility is Treated and Tested, DIS.IN.FX® then certifies the facility Germ Expert Certified™. A facility is considered Germ Expert Certified™ when all ATP test results are under the recommended Germ Expert Threshold for the facilities’ industry.

The goal of the certification process is to help customers market the fact that they are proactive and go above and beyond to keep their customers and employees safe!