1st – 4th Grade

Sunday morning in person classes are temporarily suspended.
To see how we are connecting with kids during Covid-10 click below on our online classroom.

Christin Humeniuk

Children’s Director

Christin Humeniuk

Children’s Director
The Seaside ministry is here to help 1st through 4th grade students go “overboard” with Jesus. Our goal is to win kids to Christ at an early age and teach them to broaden their understanding of Biblical Truths. This is accomplished by focusing on the characters in the 12 eras in the Bible and presenting them chronologically. We have structured our teaching environments from Snacks to Crafts and even Games to help foster a child’s understanding of the Bible as a whole. Each week is designed to deepen children’s knowledge of God’s character, His divine attributes, and His plan for mankind.

Our team of volunteers has been prayerfully hand picked and invited to join us in teaching and training alongside you as we seek to influence these young lives to follow Christ and live by God’s Word.

Weekly Mission Giving Back

Every week during class, children have the opportunity to give to an offering that goes directly to support the Children’s Ministry Camp Scholarship Fund. Also, throughout the year children have the opportunity to give specific items that are needed through Date Nights and special events, and to participate in car washes to benefit the Food Pantry.

Sunday Mornings:

Sunday morning in person classes are temporarily suspended. Check our our virtual classroom for Sunday lessons.

Check back for Updates on when we will meet again face to face.

Curious about what we teach and why? Watch this video: 

Summer Hangouts: This summer we will be having a few small hangouts so that we can still fellowship and connect! Click on the link for dates and times.

Carolina Creek Christian Camp: Although we could not go to overnight camp all together in June like we originally planned, Carolina Creek has offered our members a discount to pick a week if they want to go on their own!

Baptisms:  At StoneBridge, we believe in a Believer’s Baptism, which means that a child must be old enough to make a decision to follow Christ.  We also believe that parents are the best determiners of a child’s heart to follow Christ.  Parents will find a “Leading Your Child to Christ” booklet located in the Children’s Building or in Guest Services, or download it hereParents need to go through this booklet with their child.  There is a page in the booklet for the child and the parent to sign.  After completing the booklet with your child, please email Christin Humeniuk.  After emailing Christin, a parent and the child need to bring the signed paper to her.  Christin will then register the child for baptism.