This is Us

Sunday Morning Class

Each topic of this 6 week class will be taught by a different StoneBridge teacher and will revolve around not just the historical event themselves but how these events are important to deepening our own faith.  We hope you can join us for this unique chance to learn what it truly means to be the church.  No registration required.  Childcare is available through our normal Sunday morning programs.

This is Us begins

Sunday, September 24th
Room 209

Sept 24th: “A Religion For Women and Slaves?” As we begin the story of us, we start at the beginning. Christianity begins as a small fledgling movement famously mocked by some as a religion for women, children, and slaves. Which begs the question. How did the church begin? How did we get here?
Oct 1st: “This is a Fight Worth Having.” As the story continues, Christianity explodes with growth finding itself linked with culture. This leads people to wonder what beliefs should we be ok disagreeing on and which ones are worth fighting for. The question remains for us.
Oct 8th: “This Needs a Reset Button.” As the church grows into an institution, it begins to form some unhealthy practices. Enter the Reformation, as the fight begins to rediscover Scripture, Faith, and spiritual meaning.
Oct 15th: “This is Harder Than I Thought It would be.” Religious persecution of Christians isn’t new. It still goes on today in many parts of the world. But what can we learn from our past persecution that might help us deal with what we face today?
Oct 22nd: “This Is Not Us” If you have ever talked about Christianity with a skeptic you have probably heard the line, “Well what about the Crusades?” Fair point. This week we discuss the dark side of Christian history, and talk about how they got there and what we can learn from it.
Oct 29th: “This is where we are going.” The American Church is in decline. What does this mean for us and how do we react to a changing cultural landscape that seems hostile to religion?