Sunday Morning Study Groups

Clay Dewees

Men’s Ministry/Sunday Adults Class Director

If you’re ready to take another step at StoneBridge, Sunday Morning Study Groups may be just the place for you! Our groups are designed so that a person can join anytime and still have a deeper understanding of God’s Word, all while forming great relationships. These groups are ongoing and have unique weekly lessons with the mission to “be committed to the needs of those that attend, whether they come all the time or some of the time.”

We invite you to join us Sunday mornings upstairs in The Den.  Find the group that matches your journey and situation in life. Young adults may choose between two new classes to fit their needs: Full House, targeted to young adults with young children, and The Harvest, suited for adults in their 20s and 30s.


ROOM 209 l 9:30am l 11:05am
8 week class Beginning June 3rd

Have you ever wondered how the universe, science, faith and scripture all fit together? Do they contradict each other? Does one replace the other? If you have ever asked these types of questions then our summer topics class might be the perfect FIT for you.

Click here to listen to class audio from previous weeks and to download notes and presentations.