I was watching a video about inviting people to church with you. I know, the initial thought is probably, “How do I even bring it up?” or “They’ll think I’m some Bible thumper and just reject it”. Well, this video showed a group of little boys walking around their neighborhood inviting the people in every house to church and tying a balloon to the mailbox if they said yes. Then the video shows one man outside who asks, in a skeptical tone, what they are doing. The boys explain as a narrator says, “In the eyes of a child it’s simple to invite someone to church. You’re just telling them about something you love” while footage of these boys talking about their church in large excited motions plays. You could see that they really were just telling someone about something they love.

When I eat somewhere delicious or go to a fun place I’m sure I tell plenty of people about it and invite them to experience it as well. But when it comes to church we tend to become more reserved.

As adults we tend to overcomplicate things. Maybe if we just simplify, we will see a change in ourselves. We could lose that anxiety and experience the joy of sharing something great with someone.