Last week I attended a 3 day Bible Basics class taught by our very own Becky Canterbury and it was incredible. It was three intense days of nothing but the Old Testament. On Wednesday we spent so much time talking about Moses that I couldn’t get him off my mind, I also couldn’t get various songs from The Prince of Egypt out of my head. So naturally I was determined to watch the movie. But I don’t own the movie and had not yet discovered that it was available of Netflix. I admit I was a little sad until it dawned on me.

You could just read the book of Exodus. You know, where the movie is taken from.

Oh yeah. I guess I could.

I was somewhat disappointed in myself because my first inclination to receive the story of Moses was to watch a cartoon movie about it. The movie is good and gets a lot of things right but shouldn’t my first reaction be to go to the very book itself? 

Well, the Bible is full of incredible stories. I am renewed in my excitement to read them again and I can tell you exactly where I’ll be going to get them. Not a movie.


Getting back to the Bible basics,