Part of friendship is sharing a good laugh. Tonight, “Evidence,” our high school mission and music team, was telling stories from the week of ministry. Some of the stories were emotional and deeply touching. However, near the end, the team began to tell stories on each other. The story telling became quite animated, and soon there were peals of laughter that grew into hysteria. We laughed, and then laughed at the sound of our own laughter. You know the kind of laugh where you can’t breathe. It was a full workout. If a good laugh extends your life, we all got an extra month tacked on tonight.

This group of individuals had bonded across the week as they served, ministered, sang, shared meals and slept on the floor. They had bonded as close friends, with much transparency and much trust. And so now they laughed, and laughed some more, because close friends don’t have to hide, or wear masks. Close friends can let go and truly be themselves. How freeing and fun that is. A belly laugh is good for the body and the soul.
So after a full week of ministry with these amazing young men and women,
“I feel good……nana nana nana na”
(James Brown)


Eccl. 3:4b A Time to laugh