As I spent the week with my ten orphan boys in Lusaka, Zambia; each day they opened up more and more. Their smiles became bigger. Then the last couple of days, they began to be silly and really have fun. All but one boy. I couldn’t figure out why. I heard from several of my fellow ambassadors that the problem might be his name. I reacted to this with some incredulity. ” What’s wrong with his name,”I asked? I was told that his name, “Tuwanda”, was similar to the name “Legion” in the bible which means “many.” And that this name could have been given to him to allow “many” spirits to possess the boy.
I was counseled to change the boys name. I asked,”change his name, how can I do that?” I was assured that it was a common occurrence in Zambia. I was also told that his family would welcome the change. So, I went to Tuwanda, and asked him, “How would you feel about me changing your name?” He broke into a big smile and said he would be very pleased to have a new name. I told him I thought he should be called John, because this was the disciple Jesus loved. He became quite joy filled. His name change made a huge difference in how he saw himself.”

So do you need to let God change your name? It happened in the bible fairly frequently.
Abram became Abraham, Jacob became Israel, Simon became Peter, Saul became Paul. God touched their lives and changed their names.

Let God name you. Let Him define you. He made you. He is best equipped to give you a name meaning something good, pure, strong, beautiful, and faithful. May each of us allow God who is uniquely qualified, to bless us with our “given” or “christian” name. It might be the thing that will help us to fully receive his grace.

Joseph, (earthly father)