The day has finally come. As of 8:40 this evening my mother and I will be on a plane en route to Zambia to participate in CampLife for a week. To be honest I am a kaleidoscope of emotions. I’m nervous about making sure I have everything I need and somehow filling up three 30lbs bags. Excited to realize that this is really happening. Occassionally terrified that this is really happening. As well as embracing an attitude of “Bring it on!”.

I’m excitedly anticipating what God is going to teach me and use me to achieve. I came to realize that as I go on this mission that God will use me as I am, myself, not me assuming an attitude or disposition that isn’t truly my own. And, you have permission to laugh at this, I actually got that from a fortune cookie after my dinner of chinese food the other night. My fortune read, “Be a first rate version of yourself, not a second rate version of someone else.”

That’s a powerful cookie. I still have the fortune in my purse.

And so I will leave you with those same words.

God will use you. You! As you are.


As I am,