I am writing you today from Orlando, Florida as our family took the plunge and came over here to Disney World for a vacation. Vacations sometimes scare me because they involve saving up money, planning, and alot of times unrealistic expectations. Of course Disney is the worst about creating these expectations with promises like ‘where dreams come true.’

Sunday morning rolled around and after a late night hanging out with some friends, we had to wake up and make an 8:30 breakfast over in Animal Kingdom. We grabbed the kids and started wunning (combo of walking and running) leaving our 7 and 8 year old far behind as they lolly-gagged at a leisurely pace. They soon realized Mom and Dad were a full football field ahead of them, so they panicked and caught up with us.

We made it to the bus stop only to wait for another 20 minutes or so. By this time we had like 15 minutes to make our reservation. As the bus arrives we talk to the driver only to discover that it takes 20-25 minutes to get to our destination. At this point I am panicking at the thought of losing our money and losing out on a fantastic breakfast (I really like a good breakfast). So I decide to sprint across the resort all the way back to our car, fling myself in the driver seat and whirl around to pick up the family.

At this point I magically turn into a frazzled Clark Grizwald, who is watching his vacation crumble apart as he helplessly tries to hold it together. I am driving like a maniac as my wife is constantly telling me to slow down and take a deep breath and relax. Not knowing where I am going, my wife quickly activates Siri on the iPhone only to discover that my daughter’s friend had changed the language setting to Japanese. Great!!! She then tries to plug in the address frantically but at this point I have apparently turned the wrong way and have turned a short drive into like an almost 20 minute drive. We finally make it to the park only to be stuck in bumper to bumper traffic as a sea of humanity is descending upon the same destination.

I finally get parked, we jump out of the car, weave in and out people like crazed lunatics and roll up to our breakfast an hour past our reservation time. Amazingly, they still let us in and we let out a sigh of exhaustion and enjoy our breakfast. Earlier that morning I had prayed and asked God to give me an opportunity to be a witness for Him. God gave us that opportunity with our waiter, JW. After the meal, I asked him if there was anything we could pray for him about. He thought for a moment and then opened up to us and shared that his mom had just come down with Dimentia and it was also taking a toll on his Dad as the care giver. As he shared more, he quickly left the table because he was getting emotional. As we were leaving he found me again, shook my hand and thanked me for caring.

Asking people that question is a very simple thing to do, but I am amazed how God opens doors through it. I also thought that if we would not have been an hour late than we probably would have not been at the table and had not met JW. When we walk with God, He can take our mornings like that and redeem them for His purposes. I am once again reminded of the truth in Romans 8:28 that says, ‘ 28 And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.’ So no matter what your day is like today, keep your eyes out for God’s activity, and be ready to join Him.

in Christ,