The Resurrection of Jesus was like a shock wave that began in Jerusalem in AD 33 and we are feeling its effects all over the globe almost 2000 years later. He appeared to the women who came to His tomb early that first Easter morning. He then appeared to the disciples and eventually to more than 500 eye witnesses. How is an event that happened so long still talked about, sung about, and celebrated throughout the nations of the earth? Because when you encounter the resurrected and living Jesus, you can’t shut up about it.

‘Go and tell’ is the instruction that Jesus gives His followers before He ascends to heaven. In Matthew He tells them to ‘go therefore and make disciples…’ In Mark He tells them to ‘Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation…’ In Luke He tells them that ‘repentance for forgiveness of sins should be proclaimed in His name to all the nations, beginning from Jerusalem.’ The gospel of John ends with Jesus, once again, calling Peter to lay down his fishing nets and to go and be a fisher of men and a shepherd to the early church.

So now, for us as Christ followers in this generation, this amazing ‘good news’ rests with us. The passion that led many of the early church Christians to die a martyrs came from the fact that they had witnessed and encountered the Resurrected Christ first-hand. Likewise, our passion for sharing the gospel is completely dependent on us daily encountering our Resurrected Savior in a fresh way. I love the Great Commission in Matthew because it begins by reminding us that we go in Jesus’ authority and power and it ends by reminding us that Jesus is always with us.

If you and me will daily stop and draw near to Jesus, it will change the course of our day. I believe that we will see our world differently. I believe that there will be a new purpose to our lives and a new excitement knowing that we are on mission with Christ. I believe that the presence of Christ will make us fully alive and His love will shine through us and people will notice. I believe that people will be drawn to the ‘Light of the World’ who lives in us and they will want to hear about the One who overcame the grave. Are we ready? Let’s step out there and spread this incredible news!

in Christ,