I love the high drama that happens on the back nine of the final round at Augusta.   This Sunday was among the best. Some writers compared it to a classic “Ali and Frazier” heavyweight championship bout.  I was personally pulling for Adam Scott because I love to see someone “come back” from a difficult defeat and find victory.

As many of you know Adam lost “The Open” by bogeying the last four holes nine months ago to Ernie Els.
And while Ernie birdied the final hole, Adam really gave away the championship.   It was a painful loss, but he talked about how he learned that he was capable of leading and winning a championship. And that the next time he “believed” he would finish better. Wow, shows you what belief can do. He certainly did finish better this time.

So this week after enjoying the high lights and post game discussions, I was reading my twitter feed and came across this from Rick Warren.

@RickWarren: If you spend more time watching the #masters than alone with the #Master,don’t wonder why you lack spiritual power.

Ouch!!! While that stung a little bit, I don’t think Rick is saying enjoying the drama of the Master’s is a bad thing at all.

But what he is saying is that a follower of Jesus will be filled with power, love, and wisdom,
in direct proportion to time spent with Our Master, the Lord Jesus.

So let’s spend some time in prayer and in deep study of God’s word.

In golf I’ve been taught to spend more time working on my short game to improve my score.

In life, let’s spend more time in the secret place to grow our faith in God and find lasting victory through Jesus Christ.