My daughter Emily participated in her second theatre production over this past weekend.  I have learned that when you have a child in theatre, the whole family is in theatre.  We ran the marathon of 3 dress rehearsals each night and then 7 shows from Thursday through Sunday evening.  

One of the realities that everyone involved had to push through was fatigue.  It seems like in life that the more tired and worn out we become, the easier it is for us to lose our Christ-like attitude and speech.  One night during rehearsal week, as the actors were all getting ready, the director called everyone into the auditorium.

in front of probably over a hundred people he, the leader, gave a public confession and repented.  He confesssed that he had allowed fatigue and stress to get the best of him and that he reacted in his flesh and spoke in a tone that was not pleasing to God.  He asked the whole room to forgive him, and that he wanted to be held to a higher standard.

What amazed me was that in a moment of this man exposing his weakness in front of everyone, the respect we all held for him grew tremendously.  What we all saw in him was a humble man after God’s own heart. We saw an example of how to confess and repent in our own relationships when we make the same mistakes.

I am reminded of what Jesus said in Matthew 5, “So if you are standing before the altar in the Temple, offering a sacrifice to God, and you suddenly remember that someone has something against you, 24 leave your sacrifice there beside the altar. Go and be reconciled to that person. Then come and offer your sacrifice to God.’ 

Every time I’ve seen a person confess, ask for forgiveness, and/or apologize, I feel God’s Spirit in that moment.  Confession and repentance truly seem to open up the door for God to move.  Are there any conversations we need to have today?  Are there any apologies we should give to someone we’ve let down or spoken to harshly?  If so, let’s not delay.  Let’s go and make things right.

in Christ,