Earlier this week I was talking with Steve Dupree about the decisions we make in life.  He commented that 99% of our life is little daily decisions and about 1% of our life is the big decisions.  So often we live like the little decisions don’t matter but the truth is our life becomes the sum of our little decisions.

I love the verse in Psalm 119:105 that says, ‘Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.’  The word used for lamp refers to a small bowl that would house a wick and some oil.  It would put off just enough light to illumine the next step along the path. 

It’s by keeping that lamp with us that we stay on the path.  If we set that lamp aside and walk on our own, then step by step, we begin to get off course as we walk in spiritual darkness.  It’s not enough to call upon God and seek His counsel in the big decisions but rather we need His counsel step by step. 

I’ve had to face this principle in my finances.  I remember stopping to honestly look at my spending and being amazed at all of those little charges to Wal-Mart and Target and how they added up.  I’ve had to own up to a habit I had of showing up late to meetings with people and the damage that it was doing to my relationships.  I’ve had to own up in my college years to daily sarcastic remarks that were hurting my credibility and people’s ability to trust me. 

I believe that we have to daily continue to look at our steps, habits and little decisions and dare to hold them up to God’s truth and allow His Word to illuminate the direction of our life.  What course corrections is God revealing to us today?

In Christ,