The other day I was studying about one of the names of God, Jehovah Shalom or The Lord is Peace. Shalom is a rich word that means peace, wholeness, satisfaction, an unconcerned state of being, etc. It is contrasted to worry, fear and restlessness. The context of this name is during the time of Gideon in Judges chapter six. An angel appears to Gideon and says, ‘Peace (Shalom) to you, do not fear….’

This encounter comes at a time of great fear, restlessness and worry for the Israelites. It was a time where they were being ruled by raiders, the Midianites, who would swarm in and devour their crops and livestock. The Israelites were so terrified and discouraged that they had abandoned their homes and were hiding in caves.

This does not seem like the way God’s people should be living in God’s land. What had happened? They had forgotten God and were worshiping the baals (false gods of the Canaanites). They were living like it says in Judges 21:25, ‘In those days there was no king in Israel ; everyone did what was right in his own eyes.’ So God handed them over to their enemies.

There is an amazing promise for us when we trust our life into God’s hands …….shalom. Shalom is really about something happening on the inside of us. It is a supernatural peace, wholeness, completeness and satisfaction that only God provides.

I love what it says in Psalm 73:26, “My flesh and my heart may fail, But God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.” Literally, the word ‘strength’ means ‘rock’. So we can choose to say, ‘no really God, I got this’ and wind up like the Israelites, worried and fearful and hiding in caves. The alternative is to say, ‘You know God, I don’t have this, I need You’ and we wind up facing our day from a heart that is secure in God, our Rock.

I hope that you and me can come to a place of trust today….in the little things, the big things and everything in between. I hope that we can allow God to be our rock and our peace today. All we have to do is hand Him the reigns and He will do the rest.

In Christ,