To preface this entry I have to mention that the young adult, “Indie”, group has been reading and discussing our way through “Crazy Love”, by Francis Chan. The last couple weeks have been very challenging if whatnot is to be “lukewarm” in our pursuit or Christ, how that reflects in outlives and how that is not healthy, in a growing sense. So, this weeks discussion was all about was about the battle between Intimacy and Reference for God.
But,wouldn’t you know, given outlast weeks of discussing lukewarm behaviors and traits, we ended up discussing how to be more on fire for God. Specifically: What ignites your flame in your relationship wit Christ?
For me, God’s love is its own lighter fluid. His love is what brings out His grace, mercy,faithfulness, but the physical occurrence that brings the brings this truth to the forefront of my mind is worship. For my,worship is largely a music based thing. I tend to find one worship song that expresses my deepest need for God and cling to that. Most recently,in an unusual turn of events, the song on my mind has been more like a challenge to me than an outpouring of emotion.
You’ll Come, written Brooke Fraser, starts out saying:
I have decided, I have resolved
To wait upon You, Lord
My rock and redeemer
Shield and reward
I’ll wait upon You, Lord

I’m not always the most patient of people but this song reminds me that, as I wait upon the Lord, I can strive to be.

We will sing this song this Sunday ad I hope the you will get the opportunity to sit down and listen to the words.

You’ll come, let Your glory fall as You respond to us
Spirit rain,flood into our thirsty hearts again.
You’ll come.
You’ll come.

You’ll come,