So, I have been watching Hoarding: Buried Alive and I can safely say that I’m more confident in the organization of my apartment after each episode.
In reality,though, the health, relationships, careers and lives of these individuals are all effected, shaped, by their hoarding. They collect more and more material things to satisfy themselves. Usually they have experienced some sort of trauma and are now trying to fill a need, an empty hole, inside them. But if you think about it, if this need was truly met by the items they collected that would mean at some point they would have enough. Yet they continue to search and collect.

We all have a deep need inside of us.
But, luckily, we don’t have to fill it with “stuff”.
God is that one thing we’ve been searching for consciously or as a nagging in the back of our mind. And once we have Him we are full. Full of His love, mercy, grace, salvation so we don’t have to go on collecting other things!
The more I think about that,the more exciting it becomes especially since my apartment isn’t all that big. Material things are ok as long we realize that they are not what we are meant to chase after and they can never satisfy us.

What are you chasing after?