Today’s devotional…
Oh, If only I could write you a devotional with music.
Notes, rhythms, dynamics, emotion,rubato…I might even write you a song.
I remember my piano teacher would tell me to play songs with “feeling”. I didn’t understand that for the longest time(years). After feigning the emotion she was seeking I finally understood what is was to put real feeling into my pieces, my work.

Now, after this holiday season and a short break from teaching piano, it is a similar lesson. I knew I enjoyed teaching my kids. If I didn’t I wouldn’t teach, right? They grow on me, each one as an individual.
Ashlyn is so sweet and LOVES the owl stickers. Austin is smart but stubborn. Kolby struggles but adores our time together. Shadia is reluctant but excelling now more than ever! I could go on.
Yesterday, I will admit that my mindset was somewhat, “Back to longer work days thanks to teaching”, and now I’m somewhat embarrassed by that thought.
I loved it.
It had only been 3 weeks but I had no idea how much I had missed my kiddos. Even the more difficult ones. I just couldn’t help but laugh at how we would be back to our usual routine and how much I loved these kids with their sweet personalities, bright minds, quirks, and difficulties.

I need to remember that every week.
Every normal week.
Every long, hard week.
Every easy, “just want to relax”, week.
Every day.

When anxiety was great within me, Your consolation brought me joy.

Psalm 33:3
Sing to Him a new song, play skillfully and shout for joy.

This is the joy and inspiration from which I write to you today.