So, I have been feeling extraordinarily and uncharacteristically crafty this week. Crafty in the domestic sort of way, not the sneaky way. Credit where credit is due; pinterest has provided endless resources. One thing I have noticed is how much fun I have when I’m making something and I’m not even really building something new, just augmenting or repurposing something.
It reminded me of something Francis Chan briefly mentioned about a worship leader at a college he frequently speaks at. When he asked her how she seemed to exude a more and more free, uninhibited, and transparent demeanor every week she answered that instead of asking God to duplicate a previous worship moment, even a great one, she instead asked God, the Creator, to create a new worship moment.
You see, we tend to compare things, objects and moments, to past ones. God doesn’t even need to do that because every thing, every moment He creates is special and different than the last.

I got really distracted by crafting about halfway through writing is blog because I just got excited. If our Creator feels the same excitement that I had but magnified…well…

He is crafty indeed.
The Creator.

Oh so crafty,