Tim Keller tweeted the following. It struck me on two levels.

He said, “All have sinned, there are only 2 kinds of people in the world.
not bad people & good people,
but the proud & the humble

I know what he meant. He meant that Jesus died for sinners. And if you are humble, you will admit you’re a sinner and trust in what Jesus accomplished on the cross for you and for me.

And I think that Tim is right, and not just for a one time decision to humble oneself to trust Christ.
On an ongoing basis, humility is essential to live the life Christ has called us to.

No husband can love his wife the way Christ loves the church without humility.

For Pride kills relationships. Pride is what caused the fall. And pride is what will cause us to fall.

As long as it is about me, it is contrary to the economy of the Kingdom of Heaven.
I truly believe that humility is essential to finding the peace of God and receiving the love of God.

Praying for a humble and fruitful 2013.