This week a couple of friends of mine are out of town so I am taking care of their animals. It is a menagerie of characters and I love it.
Monday, after a nice ride in the afternoon, I decide to give the horses a good bath. Well, about 2 horses in I realized that after I put them back into the pasture they were promptly rolling in the dirt and becoming filthy. I had gone to all that effort to tie them up and clean them, wipe them down and make the dogs leave them alone through the whole ordeal. And then they just go and get dirty like I hadn’t done a thing. How ungrateful.
But I really couldn’t help but think, “Isn’t this what we do time and time again?”

We get dirty and covered in our sin, God comes along and lovingly wipes us clean.
Then, whether we do so intentionally or not, we wander off and get covered in dirt again.
And God, ever faithful, cleans us every time.

I’ll tell you that there are 5 dirty horses and I don’t have plans to clean them. I decided that was more work than I wanted to expend on a task I knew they would prove to be futile.
But I am thankful God doesn’t feel that way. And no matter how dirty we get we can always come back to Him and be made clean.

Washed clean,