There has been a 30 day prayer emphasis leading up to the marriage conference that happens tomorrow. Yesterday’s prayer focus was this: ‘Pray for the Presence and Glory of God to be manifest in our midst on November 3rd.  Pray that He Himself would show up by the Holy Spirit, and His Presence be in our midst in a way that we have never seen before.  Pray that we know we are standing on Holy Ground.’

I have to admit, alot of times as I do ministry events or go about my day my heart’s desire focuses on hoping ‘things would go well’ or that ‘it would be meaningful’ or ‘that people will show up.’  The thought of the Presence and the Glory of God showing up is quite an overwhelming thought.  If I am honest, I get scared of that reality sometimes.  I get scared that all of our plans will go out the window.  I get scared about me not feeling in control.  Yet, ministry events, programs, and my ‘nicely’ planned days alone don’t change people’s lives….God does.

In a book by Bruce Wilkinson he relates a story about how God interupted his plans at a men’s gathering where he was speaking.  God took things in a different direction and showed up in an unforgetable way that literally changed the course of several lives that night.  He shares this: ‘How easy it would have been for me to explain away God’s nudges and proceed with my talk according to plan.  The result would have been a perfectly fine ministry event, but would God’s glory and power have been so unforgetably on display?’

in John 11 it says, ‘Jesus said to her, “Did I not say to you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God?” John 11:40’  This was the moment right before Jesus commands a dead man to walk out of a tomb and do the miraculous.  If we will believe today and be yielded to him, we will be in a position to experience the power of God’s presence in big and small ways. So, what about you and me?  Are we going to settle for just nice well-planned days and good ministry events or is there something inside of us that yearns for more.  Are we going to press in and seek God’s very presence and be open to Him showing up in unforgetable ways?  

preparing for His presence,