This last Tuesday at the Indie small group we started a video series by Francis Chan called “Crazy Love”. We watched the first session even though we had not read chapter 1 of the book and, even without the reading material, it was great.
Side note: it was so good that the group that evening unanimously decided we wanted to purchase the reading material so we could go all out with this study.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch…
Francis spoke about prayer. More specifically he spoke about the way we approach prayer. He posed the question, “If you saw God face to face, what would the first words out of your mouth be?”

That’s a good question because for a very long time, when I prayed, it was really like I was praying with closed eyes to a God who was off in the distance listening in an aloof manner. It was like prayer was a time to ask God for answers and help, which is is!
But it is so much more too!

I can recall Joe telling stories of the prayers proclaimed when he was in Zambia and how they were full of people blessing the Lord. They did not just ask of God but they also steadfastly blessed Him. I admit, it took entirely too long for this point to sink in and make a difference in my prayer life.

We pray, yes, but we don’t have to limit ourselves to requests. Our time praying can be spent in prayer of blessing and honoring and glorifying and praising our King.

I’m starting to spend more time in prayer just thanking God and blessing Him and it puts my heart in a completely different place. My heart is so incredibly more able to understand His mercy and marvel at His grace. It feels like I’ve gone from bowing with eyes closed and turned away to standing and gazing into the eyes if my Savior as I personally tell to Him every request and petition.

I am filled with renewed inspiration and motivation to do what He calls me to do.

This week we came across a challenge within our memory verse:

Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honoring each other
-Romans 12:10

Prayerfully transforming (and loving it),