Last night we ended our concert of worship expressing our grattitude to God and singing ‘10000 reasons for my heart to find’ to bless and thank the Lord. Grattitude is the only logical response to the extravagant love and forgiveness that God has given us through the cross. I am a parent now of a 6 year old boy and an 8 year old daughter. It seems like most of the money we make goes straight to my kids in the form of extra curricular activities, food, clothes, and countless other things. Being a parent has made me even more grateful for my own parents. I realize that there is no way I could ever possibly pay them back for the all the money they have spent on me in my lifetime. The best gift I can give them is a sincere thank you and acknowledgement of the sacrifice they have poured out to raise me well.

The same is true with God. I love the lyric from the song ‘Here I am to worship’ where it says, ‘And I’ll never know how much it cost to see my sins up on that cross.’ It is true. We could never possibly pay God back for what Jesus purchased for us at the cross. Jesus completely paid for our entire sin debt. Through the scourging and the nails, He was paying for every careless word I’ve spoken, every evil thought I’ve generated in my mind and every hurtful action I’ve done with my body. Truly, ‘Jesus paid it all’ and I have paid nothing. I have contributed exactly zero percent to my salvation and right standing with a holy God. I can therefore take exactly zero percent credit. The only appropriate response to such extravagant love and forgiveness is extravagant gratefulness and humility. So let us go out today as a grateful people exalting our great and mighty God!

in Christ,