Who is the God that we serve?  I love the picture of God in Psalm 68.  In verse 4 the author reminds us that His name is the Lord or Yahweh, the Great I Am, the name He gives Moses at the burning bush.  He is not the ‘Great I Was’, but He is still the ‘Great I Am’…The God of the Living…The God who is the same yesterday, today and forever.  Our God is a God who deeply cares for the fatherless, the widow and the lonely.  Part of His introduction if He were a speaker would be, ‘Yahweh, a Father to the fatherless, a defender of the widows.’  He also is a God that notices the lonely of our world that are cut-off from family.  He sees those who are miserably lonely and He delights in placing them in families (v6).  Afterall, the church is one big family where the lonley belong and have more brothers and sisters than they can count.  

In verse 6 it says that those who live lifestyles of rebellion against God ‘live in sun-scorched land’.  How true, that even if you have everything the world has to offer but you live a life void of knowing Christ, your soul is truly a desert wasteland empty of life and meaning.  With God, though, He can take the desert of your circumstances and transform it into an oasis.  He can cause a prisoner in chains to start singing and rejoicing (v6).  He can give you rest and sleep even in the midst of the battles you face (v13).  He even helps carry your daily burdens that nag at you and weigh you down (verse 19).  When Jesus, God with us, came to earth, He came to conquer sin and death and He is now ‘leading captives in his train’ throughout the whole earth (v18).  The last picture of this Psalm is when in verse 24, God’s procession starts to come into view.  We see a picture of His final coming when He will set everything right and He will take His rightful place here on earth and all the kingdoms of the earth will sing praises to Him.  This is our God!

in Christ,