In Hebrews 10 it says, ’25 Let us not give up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but let us encourage one another–and all the more as you see the Day approaching. ‘ Whitney and I are in a table group with some other families at StoneBridge and we had our meeting last night. These meetings have become a discipline that we have to intentionally plan into our lives. So many times in my life I have ran into someone at church and given them the old line that goes, ‘we definitely need to get together sometime…’ I mean, I kinda mean that, sorta. It sure feels good to say that and at least express the desire to get together. I finally had to face the fact that I wanted the benefit of godly friendships and community without paying the price of time and energy to make it happen.

So we make sure that there is a weekly spot for community with other Christians in a small group setting. In that small group setting we are known and we get to know others. We have a chance to interact, discuss, and ask questions. We are able to share what’s ‘really’ going on and how we are ‘really’ doing in our personal lives and pray for each other. We are constantly encouraged by the heart and gifts of others in the group. I am challenged by those who have a huge heart for the poor and by others who share about reaching their lost friends and family and others who are trusting God with big decisions by faith. Only in community with others can we grow and mature as believers. In fact spiritual growth is actually a matter of relational maturity. Jesus said that the essence of God’s law is loving God and loving others. It truly is so easy to get in the habit of not meeting together. We can quickly fill up our life with activity and be ‘around’ people all day but to have no spiritual intimacy with anyone. So I strongy encourage you today to get in a group with other believers and committ to meeting regularly together. You won’t regret it!

in Christ,