In Worship Matters, Bob Kauflin touches on several different characteristics that will manifest in our lives as a result of the true worship of God.
One characteristic that caught my attention in particular was ‘humility’.

Worshiping God fills you with a sense of His greatness. Not yours.
Kauflin makes a very interesting comparison of worship and the Grand Canyon.

One reason we so often fail to be humbled by worship is that we focus on other things and end up obscuring God’s glory. It would be like visiting the Grand Canyon and foolishly being enthralled with parking signs, souvenir shops, and the railings.
-Bob Kauflin, Worship Matters

I have never personally visited the Grand Canyon but I would agree with John Piper and his observation that people don’t leave the Grand Canyon more in awe of themselves.
I find thunderstorms to be very awe-inspiring. The immense power and unpredictability just blows my mind but I don’t observe them and think, “wow, I sure am great!”
In the same way, we cannot praise our God and walk away admiring our own impressive qualities. We walk away humbled that our great God would lay down so much to save a people so undeserving.

This weeks memory verse is one that we have spent time with before but as we celebrate Christ’s sacrifice this Sunday, I find it appropriate to revisit this verse.

Revelation 5:12
In a loud voice they sang :
Worthy is the Lamb who was slain
To receive power and wealth and wisdom and strength
and honor and glory and praise!

In humility