I see the King of Glory
coming on the clouds with fire
the whole earth shakes
the whole earth shakes

Sometimes, after hearing a song for years, the words become just words.
What a tragedy.
“Hosanna” used to be one of my favorite songs and just yesterday I wondered why it wasn’t still one I came back to often. Eventually it became repetition and my mind shut off to the power behind the lyrics, that’s the only conclusion and I can draw. Because now that we have just recently worshiped God to the tune of this song together I realize how impactful these lyrics are. Just that first stanza paints a beautiful and terrible picture. Beautiful in it’s using the title, “King of Glory”, a phrase that needs at least a day to dissect and understand the magnitude of, followed by an image of the entire earth shaking as God comes rolling in on the clouds with FIRE.

To be completely honest I could probably write at least a short story about the content of the lyrics to this song and I highly encourage you to read through them and spend time really thinking and praying about them. However, I don’t have quite enough space for that here so I’ll focus on just two more section briefly.

I see a generation
rising up to take their place
with selfless faith
with selfless faith

This verse is very much like a challenge within an observation. It clearly states that “I see a generation”, as in present tense but at the same time it is still a challenge to us to, every day, “take our place with selfless faith.”
Summer is such a huge time for missions within our church. We have teams that go to Haiti, Honduras, Latvia and Zambia. Talk about rising up with selfless faith. These individuals go abroad to stay in conditions that are very much less comfortable than those we are accustomed to here. They go abroad because God has called them to rise up. With their selfless faith, they extract themselves from their comfort zones and displace them in locations where people are desperately in need of His truth and His love.

Break my heart for what breaks yours

Their hearts break. You cannot even think of going into such hopeless environments to share God’s word without your heart breaking, let alone actually go and serve Him there.

As inspiring as all of this might be, it is never possible without the most important step: Accepting Christ as your Savior. You cannot go out out and serve Him if you don’t know who He is and put stock in his preachings.
With that in mind our verse for this week is Romans 10:9
That if you confess with your mouth, “Jesus Christ is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.