One of the truths that God has built into the world around us is that as a living organism matures it is meant to one day bear fruit.  In the last 2 years of gardening I have seen this principle up close and personal, and it is always an exciting day when those first fruits appear on the vine.  Even for mankind, one of God’s very first commands to us is to ‘be fruitful and multiply’.  Yesterday I was reading Jesus’ words to His disciples in Matthew 28 where He says, ‘Therefore go and make disciples….’  In other words, there is a maturing process that we are to go through in a spiritual sense.  We go from spiritually dead to born again to infants to children to young adults and finally to parents where we reproduce and bear fruit.  

What are the qualities of a parent?  A parent is one that has learned to feed themselves so that they can now feed others.  The life of a parent is an others-centered life.  Your thoughts, energy and actions are focused on caring for, feeding, guiding, and training this little child in your home.  This is also a picture of spiritual maturity.  Growing up and becoming a spiritual adult is about becoming a servant of all, loving one another, and making disciples.  It also means that we are able to feed ourselves spiritually through daily disciplines of reading and meditating upon God’s truths, praying constantly, and walking with God by faith.  We are meant not only to grow up and reproduce in a physical sense but also in a spiritual sense.  So wherever you are in your spiritual journey, let me encouage you to press on towards maturity today so that the blessings of knowing Jesus that you experience might one day be experienced by someone else as well.  

in Christ,