This morning some coworkers and I started discussing personality tests. There was one in
particular that takes your personality result and goes a step further to explain how the corresponding traits affect relationships with coworkers, friends, and family. In was interesting to read this article that, very accurately, described myself. There were a couple things that it didn’t cover, but what test will after only 60 questions?
But there was more, it also had corresponding articles about how that personality functions in relationships with coworkers, family, and friends. It even gave tips on what to work on to strengthen the weaknesses inherent to my results.
It just added a certain, new level of self-awareness, pin-pointing those tendencies that I hadn’t quite given a name to yet.

All this to say that being self aware is very important. I can be super pumped and ready to go out and share the gospel but if I am unaware of how I am being perceived, I could accidentally be coming across totally wrong. Self awareness is important for interactions with people we meet everyday and how we are perceived as believers. Knowing what my tendencies are, socially, allows me to use my strengths and know how to combat my weakness so that I am being interpreted as the Christ loving person I try to be.