Hola from Honduras. I have the privilege this week of serving alongside of a team of about 32 people from StoneBridge and a few other places this week in La Ceiba, Honduras. This morning we worked at a small church in a village near the northern coast. We arrived and walked around the streets inviting the kids to come to the church (iglesia) for VBS. We ended up having about 40 kids come and we played with them, taught them Bible stories, sang songs, laughed with them, held them, high-fived them, etc. After we were done, our project leader, Larry Wilson, commented that church is supposed to be full of life and activity and should be a place that people are just drawn too. That’s truly what it became today. This picture is of a little girl who was having the time of her life being loved on and hitting a big beach ball back and forth with some of the leaders. She later come up to me and jumped right up in my lap.

In John 10, Jesus says ’10 The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give life in all its fullness.’ We live in a world where the enemy of our souls, the devil, is working overtime to trick us, deceive us, accuse us and tempt us in an effort to destroy us and rob us of life leaving us empty and hollow inside. What a privilege we have as the body of Christ to be messengers of life. We have been radically forgiven and set free and given the Holy Spirit and declared holy and have been adopted as God’s prized and sacred sons and daughters. Let’s ask God to allow His life to pour out of us today and conquer the spirit of death that has captured so many around us. Let’s ask God to transform expressions of lifelessness into expressions of joy and laughter like the little girl in the picture.

in Christ,