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crowns of beauty (isaiah 61)
responding to His call on my life to bestow upon the children of zambia crowns of beauty…

someone stepped in.
She stands a little taller.
She smiles a lot bigger.
She hugs a lot harder.
She trusts a lot more.

She babbles constantly.
She laughs always.
She sings loud.
She dances through her days.

This hasn’t always been the case:

(August 25, 2011)

Six months ago, she was plagued with sickness.
Six months ago, she hardly smiled.
Six months ago, hugs were hard to come by.
Six months ago, she trusted no one.

Six months ago, only cries escaped her mouth.
Six months ago, she knew no laughter.
Six months ago, she found no reason to sing.
Six months ago, nothing was worthy of dancing.

(February 25, 2012)

The “Great I Am” — The one who makes demons shutter and flea; the Majestic King- the Worthy Lamb; the Keeper of All Promises– He stepped in.
He intervened.
He set her apart, ever faithful to his Word.
Justice came.
This motherless child and this childless woman, now celebrate family.
It must be known– she’s no orphan anymore!

Joy explodes out of her.
Love bleeds from her heart.
Compassion fills her tender spirit.

Redemption is written across her forehead.
Restoration manifests heavily in her life.
“Hallelujah” rolls off her little lips- and freedom marks every hour.

Innocence is new, no chains hold her back.
Oppression ceases.
Someone stepped in.
This is my daughter. The one whom I love.

Though today marks a special day, in reality- it is just another. It’s just another day I get to stand back in awe– witnessing this miracle. My heart stands humbled before the Lord today.

Jesus, I am forever indebted to you for entrusting me with this child.