So on Father’s Day afternoon I decided to take my kids (Emily – 8 and Joshua – 6) on a little fishing expedition at the little lake in my neighborhood.  I grabbed our red wagon, opened up some new poles I had just gotten from Academy, threw in some camp chairs, and we headed out.  On the way my neighbor grabbed us some night crawlers…so we were in business.  We arrived at our destination and we set up fishing camp.  At this point it all fell apart….Joshua was informing me that he didn’t like fishing, One of the fishing poles was completely broken, I couldn’t find any bobbers, and one of the two poles that worked managed to get tangled into a mammoth rat’s nest.  Miraculously in the midst of this complete abismal failure we managed to catch one fish.  Our one little pathetic fish was unable to be located at first as he was completely engulfed in pond slime.  After peeling off the slime we finally confirmed that it was indeed a fish.  

I have to admit as I was walking away from the lake that day with broken poles and broken pride, I was wrestling with alot of frustration.  I mean if I were getting a grade for my fishing ability it was definitely an automatic ‘F’.  What was amazing, though, was that not all was lost.  I started to realize that on the way home my kids were talking to me, asking questions, and opening up with me in a deeper way than they usually do.  Incredibly they hadn’t written me off for my lack of fishing exellence, but were actually bonding with me simply because we were spending time together.  I love this simple little verse in 1 Thessalonians 2 that says ‘8 We loved you so much that we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well, because you had become so dear to us.’  I love that because it reminds me that if you really care about someone and you want them to know God, you won’t just share words with them, but you are willing to share your life with them, no matter how goofy and ‘off the wall’ that life may be.  

in Christ,