In Acts 13 it says, “2 One day as they were worshiping God – they were also fasting as they waited for guidance – the Holy Spirit spoke: "Take Barnabas and Saul and commission them for the work I have called them to do.” I came across this verse earlier this week and it has just stuck with me. Acts 13 is the beginning of Paul’s church planting adventures. The Holy Spirit is the One that initiates the call, gives direction and gets him moving. It seems that the early church was very much in the habit of setting aside time to worship God on a daily basis. Worship is one of the spiritual disciplines that should be a daily part of our lives as well. Cultivating a habit of worship creates space in our life where we can hear God speak to us and give us guidance.

Daily worship should stir up our desire for God and our willingness to follow Him in obedience. Spending time in His Word, listening to Christian music on the radio, spending time in prayer, and spending time with other believers who challenge us and encourage us all work to stir up our appetite for God. I have found that God’s voice is like a radio wave. He is speaking and communicating. The question is…are we tuned in? Paul and those early believers in Acts were tuned in because they were worshiping and setting their hearts upon God and His Son Jesus Christ. As a result they were able to hear God’s voice and receive direction and guidance in God’s Kingdom work. So many days I let alot of other voices fill my head and I miss out on the most important voice of all…the still small voice of my heavenly Father. Let’s tune in today!

in Christ,