I have started reading a book by John Eldredge called ‘Beautiful Outlaw.’ Today’s chapter was exploring the idea of the ‘playfulness’ of Jesus. This is not typically a characteristic when we think about our Savior. He makes an interesting point though. One thing we know about Jesus is that He is fully God and that through Him the world and everything in it was spoken into existence. In a sense Creation, just like a work of art, tells us alot about the Creator. One of the things Eldredge points out is how ‘playfullness’ was purposefully built into creation everywhere you look.

We have had fun observing ‘playfulness’ in our little foster kittens. One of the things that has been entertaining is watching them play together. Last night our little white cat was on his side on the other side of our bathroom door and wedged against the wall. He was intently peering through the crack under the door and as soon as one of his siblings would walk by he would strike at them from underneath. Then the other kittens would get down there and try to strike back at him. They constantly are making up games like this all the time. Who made them to do that? God, the Creator.

God built in playfullness to our DNA and He also is the inventor of laughter. As Christians, we represent Christ to the world around us. One of His attributes we should be reflecting is ‘playfulness’. ‘Playfulness’ between parents and children is a sign of health. ‘Playfulness’ in marriage between a husband and a wife displays a closeness in their relationship. ‘Playfulness’ among friends is an indicator of a great friendship. Sometimes people in church can be a little too serious and stoic. I think the onlooking world needs to see the joy of Jesus spilling out of us and sparking their curiousity. Check out what Jesus says to His disciples near the end of His earthly life: ‘These things I have spoken to you, that my joy may be in you, and that your joy may be full.’ – John 15:11

in Christ,